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Consensus Research Group is a global strategic research and consulting organization headquartered in New York City with Research Centers in Philadelphia, Düsseldorf, Beijing and Mumbai.

The company has conducted comprehensive qualitative and quantitative survey research programs among consumer, business, professional and governmental publics involving:

  • market structure analyses
  • brand assessment and tracking research
  • corporate identity studies
  • feasibility studies of new product concepts and product line extensions
  • communications planning
  • management decision processes
  • new product introductory marketing
  • CRM/customer relationship management studies
  • price/demand elasticity
  • political/public policy/public affairs research.

Consensus Research professionals have a unique depth of experience in research-based strategy development, including:

  • Pan Am - public reactions to the introduction of the Boeing 747 service in 1969
  • Hanes - the creation and introductory marketing of L’EGGS
  • Time Inc. - the development and launch of PEOPLE Magazine
  • Humana - development of the “centers of excellence” concept in hospital care
  • LVHM - brand equity tracking
  • Paramount Communications - corporate identity assessment
  • Financial Times - development and marketing of the U.S. edition
  • Financial Times - global readership research and brand assessment
  • General Motors - introductory communication for the launch of SATURN
  • Ernst & Young - key drivers in brand communication
  • Pfizer - introductory marketing for Viagra
  • Pfizer - Global Corporate Affairs Communications
  • Mars, Inc. - global brand assessment
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